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Conditions of participation

  • Article 1) Organising body

    Syntec Numérique, a professional association of Digital Services Companies (ESN), Software Publishers and Technology Consultancy Companies, governed by Book 1 of the French Labour Code, SIRET 384 719 001 00016, whose registered office is located at 148 boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris, is organising an event entitled "Act4New" from Thursday 30 April 2020 to Sunday 17 May 2020 via the website accessible at https://www.act4new.com/.

  • Article 2) Definitions

    Steering Committee : designates the committee that referees and makes decisions to ensure the smooth running of the Ideathon and Hackathon phases. It ensures the exchange with various organizations (government, civil society, opinion leaders). Some of its members act as Jury in the selection phases

    Team : designates any team registered to the Event in the phase of the Hackathon. It will be identified by name and represented by its captain.

    Event : refers to the ACT4NEW event composed of a phase of Ideathon and a phase of Hackathon online, accessible on the Site.

    Hackathon : designates the Event phase during which the ideas selected during the Ideathon can be developed by different Teams. Some of the developments resulting from the Hackathon will be selected by the Jury during the final ceremony.

    Ideathon : designates the first phase of the Event during which the Participants will be able to submit innovative ideas according to several issues raised beforehand. Some of them will be pre-selected by the Expert Bodies to access the Hackathon phase.

    Expert Bodies : Composed of partners, opinion leaders and experts, these bodies will guarantee the respect of the ACT4NEW project themes and the achievement of the objectives of this citizen mobilization thanks to previously identified criteria. They will pre-select the ideas proposed by the Participants as well as certain developments resulting from the Hackathon phase.

    Governance bodies : désigne les différentes instances amenées à prendre une décision dans le cadre de la gouvernance de l’événement Act4New et notamment le comité de pilotage, le Jury, les instances d’expertise, les experts, etc.

    Jury : refers to the different bodies that will make decisions in the governance of the Act4New event, including the steering committee, the jury, the expert bodies, the experts, etc. Jury: designates the committee for the final selection of the ideas and projects developed, on the basis of these ideas, by the participating teams, pre-selected by the expert bodies and technically validated by the technical experts. This jury will adopt a list of criteria mentioned in this document. The composition of the jury is available on the website: https://www.act4new.com.

    Deliverable : refers to any element produced by the Participants within the framework of the Event.

    Organiser : refers to Syntec Numérique.

    Partners : The partners can be found on the website accessible at the following address: https://www.act4new.com.

    Participant : means any idea carrier registered for the Event in the Ideathon phase and all members of the Teams registered in the Hackathon phase as well as any participant in the Event.

    Site means the website accessible at https://www.act4new.com on which all information relating to the Event is available.

  • Article 3) Purpose of the Event

    Syntec Numérique organizes, in partnership with different organizations, the ACT4NEW Event which will take place from 30 April 2020 to 17 May 2020 online (Site, etc.).

    This event aims at initiating a citizen reflection to identify and implement solutions that will allow to adapt in the medium term to the post-deconfinement context and to the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic.

    This Event is composed of two successive phases:

    1. The Ideathon, which will take place from Thursday 30 April 2020 to Thursday 7 May 2020, namely a call for contributions of innovative ideas, a stage of selection of the ideas by the Expert Bodies ;

    2. The Hackathon, which will take place from Friday, May 15, 2020 to Sunday, May 17, 2020, namely the development of prototypes, in teams, after the Ideathon phase. These developments will be validated by technical experts, pre-selected by the Expert Authorities. The jury will make the final selection of these developments.

    This Event is part of an open innovation approach. It is a collaborative approach, in an innovative, responsible and ethical spirit.

  • Article 4) Purpose of this document

    The purpose of these terms and conditions is to govern the terms and conditions of participation in the Event.

  • Article 5) Duration of the Event

    The Event will take place from Thursday 30 April 2020 to Sunday 17 May 2020.

    Participation and registration to the Event are open from Thursday 30 April 2020 to Tuesday 5 May 2020 for the Ideathon phase and from Friday 8 May 2020 to Friday 15 May 2020 at noon for the Hackathon phase. They must be done via the Site.

    The Organiser reserves the right to modify the duration of the Event at any time. The Participants will be informed.

  • Article 6) Conditions of participation

    The Event is open:

    ● For the ideathon phase: to any individual aged eighteen (18) years old minimum.
    ● For the hackathon phase: to any physical person aged eighteen (18) years old minimum, able to proceed to the implementation or prototyping resulting from the Ideathon phase. Conditions relating to the composition of the Team are provided for: they are composed of three to seven people, at least two of whom have a computer developer profile.
    ● For the ceremony: all Participants to the Event

    To participate in the Ideathon phase, the Participant must fill out a registration form on the Site, indicating all the mandatory information specified in the form.

    To participate in the Hackathon phase, a member of the Team must fill out a registration form on the Website indicating all mandatory information specified in the form.

    The Participant may register for both phases of the Event or only for one of the Phases.

    When registering, the Participant undertakes to provide accurate, truthful and up-to-date information.

    An e-mail confirming participation and registration is sent to the Participant at the e-mail address provided, subject to the rules specified below.

    The official language of the Hackathon is French. Nevertheless, Participants may also participate in English.

    6.1) Material conditions

    Each Participant will be able to participate in the Event remotely with his or her own equipment, in particular computer hardware and software. The Participant is solely responsible for his hardware and software.

    6.2) Acceptance of the Conditions

    The Participant is required to fully read and accept without reservation these terms and conditions of participation prior to his registration and participation in the Event. If he does not accept them, he will not be able to take part in the Event.

    6.3) Access to the Site

    Access to the Site is in principle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nevertheless, the Organiser reserves the right to interrupt this access at any time and without notice.

    In order to ensure a good functioning on Site, the Organizer reserves the right to :

    - Suspend, limit or interrupt access to all or part of the Site or its functionalities. These actions remain at the sole discretion of the Organizer. They may be temporary or permanent.

    - Suspend the Site in order to carry out updates to improve or optimise the Site, whether scheduled or not.

    - Delete any information that hinders the proper functioning of the Site.

  • Article 7) Terms and conditions of the Event

    7.1) Program - Sequence

    The Event will take place as follows:

    - Call for Ideathon: April 30 to May 5, 2020
    - Expert bodies and framing of ideas: 6 and 7 May 2020
    - Call for hackathon: May 8-15 at noon, 2020
    - Prototyping and support: from 15 to 17 May 2020
    - Evaluation, communication and scaling up: 17 May 2020
    - Ceremony : May 17, 2020
    The course of the Event is specified on the Site.

    7.2) Ideathon phase

    The Ideathon is a call for innovative ideas that will take place via the Site from Thursday 30 April 2020 to Tuesday 5 May 2020.
    During this period, Participants will be invited, via a form available on the Site, to propose in a suggestion box, innovative ideas that could be developed at the end of the health crisis as part of the Hackathon phase on several issues:

    1) How to move in a Covid context? Which solutions for companies?
    2) Which customer relationship in this Covid context?
    3) How to help the reconversion or the training of teams in partial unemployment ?
    4) Professional life and school life at home : which services ? What place for digital technology to reconcile the two ?
    5) Short circuits and perishable products ? What role can digital technology play in supporting this economy?
    6) How to make telework sustainable, efficient, creating links and values in the long term?
    7) How can digital technology help to apply barrier gestures during the deconfinement phases?
    8) Problem free in order to leave room for the creativity of the participants.

    The innovative idea must be formulated under the following conditions: identification of the problem, proposal of an idea to solve the identified problem, proposal of a technological solution that could be developed on the basis of the proposed idea and indication of the technical needs for its development.

    Each Participant undertakes within this framework to :

    - Not to submit information that is erroneous, misleading, malicious, fraudulent or contrary to regulations ;
    - Not to transmit content of a defamatory, insulting, inappropriate, child pornography, vulgar, violent, threatening, harassing, racist or xenophobic nature, inciting violence, discrimination or hatred, encouraging illegal activities, or more generally content that contradicts morality or the purposes of the Site;
    - Do not impersonate any person, do not register in the name of a third party.

    At the end of the Ideathon, the most promising innovative ideas will be selected by the Expert Authorities who will have all the information communicated via the form. The Expert Bodies will make the final selection of the ideas that will enter the Hackathon phase.

    To select the most promising innovative ideas, the Expert Bodies will rely on the following criteria:

    - Relevance to the theme: interest, usefulness and contribution of digital ("prototyping");
    - Ethical and regulatory dimension;
    - Economic viability and scaling up;
    - Simplicity and practicality.

    At the end of the selection phase, which will end on 7 May 2020, Syntec Numérique will announce the ideas selected by the expert bodies on its Site in an anonymous manner, in a suggestion box .

    7.3) Hackathon phase

    From May 8, 2020 to May 15, 2020 at noon, Participants will be invited, via a form available on the Site, to register to participate in the Hackathon by specifying obligatorily the following information: name of the team, team captain, motivation, selected idea and number of participants in the team.

    Each Participant agrees in this context to :

    - Not to submit false, misleading, malicious, fraudulent or contrary to the regulations,

    - Not to transmit content of a defamatory, insulting, inappropriate, child pornographic, vulgar, violent, threatening, harassing, racist or xenophobic nature, inciting violence, discrimination or hatred, encouraging illegal activities, or more generally content that contradicts morality or the purposes of the Site;

    - Do not impersonate any person, do not register in the name of a third party.

    A confirmation of participation as well as the modalities of remote participation in the Hackathon will be specified later to the selected participants.

    This Hackathon aims at creating, by team, during two days (thirty-six hours), solutions to be implemented (prototypes) resulting from the innovative ideas selected during the Ideathon phase. An idea may lead to the creation of several teams.

    Participants will have a limited time of two days to produce the Deliverables.

    At the end of the 36 hours of prototyping, the Teams submit their Deliverables to start the technical validation phase.

    Technical Expert

    The technical experts are responsible for checking the Teams' Deliverables and submit the list of Teams that will be able to present their work to the Jury for evaluation.

    The experts check :

    - If the Deliverables are complete, that the source code is operational.

    - If the Readme File is faithful to what is implemented (technical stack used, description of the solution).

    - If the video demonstrator corresponds to the source code and the submitted Readme File.

    The results of this phase will be communicated to the Participants via a tool or by email, the modalities will be determined later.


    Teams can be accompanied by coaches who are business and technical experts from all sides in the analysis and structuring of ideas, in the identification of the requirements needed to assess the achievement of objectives and in the definition of the optimal composition of the team.

    Team building

    The Teams will be constituted in advance, a member of this Team will register for the Hackathon phase. Registration is possible from April 30, 2020 according to the following modalities:

    - The Teams will be composed of 3 to 7 people, of various skills, professions and ages, with at least 2 developer profiles.

    - LThe Teams will work on the innovative ideas selected by the Jury at the end of the Ideathon phase.


    The Deliverables are intended for the Experts to validate the work of the Teams. There are three Deliverables:

    - Source code;

    - Readme file;

    - A video demonstrator of the implemented solution.

    The absence of one or more Deliverables is eliminatory.

    These Deliverables must imperatively be communicated in a commonly used digital format, in repositories and in compliance with participation terms, which will be communicated to the Participants during the 36 hours of development.

    Submission of projects

    The Participants must deliver the Deliverables to the Experts and the members of the Jury before the closing date and time of the 36 hour development period.

    Additional information will be communicated during the 36 hours of development to inform about the repository for the source code and the submission of the readme file and the demonstrator.

    Presentation of projects

    At the end of the Hackathon and on the same day, the Teams will have ten minutes to present and orally support their project in front of the Jury and answer the Jury's questions.

    The presentation format must imperatively contain a demonstrator. This demonstrator may be filmed or live. It will be broadcast on the means of communication of Syntec Numérique and its partners.

    Jury, selection and designation of promising projects

    The members of the Jury will be chosen by the Organiser from among digital personalities and the Event's partners.

    They are selected for their professional expertise and their representativeness in the digital sector.

    The Expert Bodies, technical experts and the Jury will evaluate the projects submitted to them according to the following evaluation criteria:

    - For the phase of participation of the Teams in the Hackathon.

    o The composition of the Team ;

    o The diversity and complementarity of the Team's profiles;

    o The presence of at least two technical profiles and one business profile.

    - For the technical evaluation phase after the Hackathon

    o Source code, readme file and demonstrator (video of the prototype) submitted on time;

    o Solution up and running;

    o Consistency between the readme file (technical stack), source code and prototype video.

    - For the phase of pre-selection and evaluation of final solutions:

    o Relevance to the theme - interest and usefulness ;

    o Feasibility of the project, potential for scale-up and ability to be quickly operational ;

    o Innovative character and originality of the project ;

    o Quality, design and ergonomics;

    o Team - cohesion, quality of presentation;

    o Respect for the protection of personal data.

    o Competitive differentiation - how the solution differs from other identical solutions.

    The Expert Bodies, the technical experts and the Jury will eliminate from participation in the Hackathon, with a reasoned opinion, projects that do not conform to the purpose of the Hackathon or do not comply with the conditions of these conditions of participation.

    The Hackathon Jury will receive all project documentation and will select the projects it considers most promising at a Ceremony to be held on 17 May 2020 online (details of this Ceremony will be communicated later). The Jury will vote by majority vote to highlight the most promising projects. Its decision is sovereign and cannot be contested.

  • Article 8) Intellectual Property

    8.1) Protection of prior knowledge

    Intangible elements covered by intellectual property rights created by the Participants prior to the Event (hereinafter the "Background Knowledge") remain the property of their respective owners. The latter alone shall assume any protective measures which appear necessary to them to secure their rights in the context of participation in the Event.

    If the Participants make use of their Prior Knowledge as part of their Deliverables, they undertake to use said Prior Knowledge in such a way that it remains divisible from the rest of the Deliverable and to inform the other Participants thereof.

    8.2) Intellectual property of the Deliverables

    All Deliverables, subject of the participation of Participants during the Hackathon, must be works of the mind personal to their authors, never having been the subject of an exploitation, transfer, concession, distribution or publication in any form and any medium whatsoever and not infringing the rights of third parties.

    The Participant guarantees the Organiser against any recourse by third parties in this respect and acknowledges in this respect being informed that he will be held solely responsible in the event of inaccuracy of this declaration and violation of his obligation to guarantee eviction.

    Each member of a participating team guarantees that his or her product is original and unpublished, that it does not infringe the copyright of any third party and that all the elements that make it up, as well as all the information that he or she communicates in the product presentation document are accurate, reliable and complete.

    The Participant undertakes to comply with the conditions of use of the documents and data made available to him and shall be solely liable in the event of recourse by third parties resulting from any non-conforming use he may make of these documents or data.

    By default, the Participants, by communicating a Deliverable, authorize the Organizer, its partners and the members of the jury free of charge, to reproduce, represent, exhibit and disclose orally, graphically or in writing the Deliverables on the communication media of the Hackathon, and this for a period of ten (10) years from the registration to the Event and for the entire world.

    8.3) Intellectual property of the Deliverables at the end of the Hackathon

    The Deliverables generated during the Hackathon will be the property of the Participants who contributed to their development.

    During the Hackathon, each team chooses its position on this subject at the beginning of the Hackathon and in agreement with all the members of its team. The Participants are strongly encouraged to sign an agreement between them managing the distribution of intellectual property rights.

    Furthermore, the Organiser shall not be liable for any damage related to the use or distribution of any of the Deliverables made by the Participant. Furthermore, the Organiser shall not be held liable in the event of direct or indirect damage resulting from a failure by one of the Participants to comply with its obligations to respect the legal provisions in force, in particular with regard to intellectual property rights.

  • Article 9) Modification and cancellation

    The Organiser reserves the right to extend, shorten, modify, postpone or cancel the Event at any time without any claim for compensation by the Participants. As far as possible, these modifications or changes will be the subject of prior information by all appropriate means.

  • Article 10) Image rights and communication

    Photographs and videos of the Participants may be taken during the Event and used for documentation and communication around the Event.

    By participating in the Event, Participants authorise the Organiser to use and disseminate their image and voice in the documentation and communication surrounding the Event.

    In particular, the Participants authorise the Organiser to publish their surnames and first names on its website and social networks, as well as on the websites and social networks of its partners. The Organiser will be free to use them for the purposes of promoting and communicating the Event.

    If a Participant objects to the transfer of his/her image/voice rights by formulating this in writing to the Organiser, the Organiser will take the necessary steps to ensure that his/her image/voice is not disseminated.

  • Article 11) Confidentiality

    The Participant acknowledges the confidential nature of all information and documents sent to him/her in the context of the Event.

    For the entire duration of the Event, the Participant shall refrain from using or communicating to third parties, without having obtained the prior written authorisation of the Organiser, all or part of the information that may have been communicated to him/her by the latter or of which he/she may have become aware during the Event.

    This confidentiality undertaking is valid for a period of twelve (12) months from Thursday 30 April 2020.

  • Article 12) Liability

    The Organiser may not be held liable in the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the telecommunications network used, whatever the cause, which would in particular have the effect of harming or preventing the identification or access of the Participant to the Site for participation in the Event.

    Participation in the Event implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics, limits and risks of the Internet network and the technologies linked to it, in particular with regard to the performance, response time, security of the software and hardware against various potential attacks such as viruses, logic bombs or Trojan horses and the loss or misappropriation of data.

    Consequently, the Organiser may under no circumstances be held liable for any damage caused to the Participant as a result of these characteristics, limits and accepted risks.

    The Organiser reserves the right to exclude from the Participant in this Event any person disrupting its progress.

  • Article 13) Personal data

    For the purposes of organising the Event, and in particular when registering on the Site, Participants will share personal data with the Organiser and its partners.

    All information on the processing of this personal data is communicated to the Participant at the time of collection on the Site.

  • Article 14) Applicable law

    The present conditions of participation are subject to French law.

    Any dispute arising in connection with the execution of this Charter shall be resolved first and foremost amicably between the Organiser and the Participant(s). In the absence of an amicable agreement, any dispute will be brought before the competent courts, in accordance with the provisions of common law applicable in force.

    In the event of a contradiction between the provisions of this Charter and any message and/or any information whatsoever relating to the Event, the provisions of this Charter shall prevail.